Honey Boo Boo Confronts Mama June’s BF Geno In Emotional Heart-To-Heart: 'Y'all Hurt Me A Lot'

The road to redemption sure is rocky…

While Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has been mending her contentious relationship with Mama June Shannon, she’s now set her sights on the 41-year-old’s boyfriend.

In a sneak peek of Friday’s Mama June: Road To Redemption episode shared by E! News, Geno Doak sits down with the 15-year-old to ask for forgiveness for any pain he caused after he and the reality TV star hit rock bottom in 2019. Calling out the weird vibes following a year without seeing one another, the supposed father figure noted during a meal outside:

“I can tell, you come up to the door, and I can just see it in your face. Like, ‘damn, there’s Geno.’ That’s what I don’t want, you know? I want things to get back to like they were before.”

The Toddlers and Tiaras alum clung to her vulnerability by admitting:

“It was just a little weird for me at first because I feel like we haven’t seen y’all in like a year so it was just all the memories, all we had and stuff like that. They were just all coming back. You and mama, y’all hurt me a lot.”

Mama June recently admitted to spending “probably a good $900,000” in her last year before getting sober. Meanwhile, her oldest daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon gained legal guardianship of Alana while the addicts were away seeking treatment. It was an incredibly tough time for the young women, a reality Geno is only just coming to terms with. He finally acknowledged:

“I do realize that we did a lot of damage. Not just we, but me. I can make excuses and say addiction this, addiction that, but it’s unacceptable and I’m sorry. I know it’s been difficult for you.”

For those who need a refresher, he and Mama June were busted for crack cocaine possession in March of 2019. Only a few short months later, Geno allegedly crashed his SUV into the garage of June’s home. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it proved he was not only a danger to himself, but to the entire family.

Recalling the difficulty of the last few years, Honey Boo Boo continued:

“It was really hard. At one point, we had to even move. We stayed in the hotel for a while because Mama had some people that y’all didn’t give money back to. It was crazy though, for sure.”

It’s unclear where the two stand after this conversation, though they definitely seem to be hashing out their feelings in a respectful manner which is at least refreshing to see! The 45-year-old spoke to the camera in a sit-down interview, adding:

“It sucks to hear how bad I have hurt her, but recovery is not easy and hopefully, this is the beginning of us mending our relationship.”

The sneak preview concluded on a positive note, with Shannon’s boyfriend noting:

“I hope you can forgive me because I do want to be in your life and I do love you.”

Whoa… At just 15, Honey Boo Boo is having to tackle some pretty serious discussions with the adults in her life. Props to her for remaining so confident in her opinions and facing these traumas head one! It has to be so challenging! Watch the clip for yourself (HERE)!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you think Geno and Alana can come to a reconciliation after everything that transpired? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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