Hunter Hayes Shares New Single ‘If You Change Your Mind’

Hunter Hayes dropped a new single “If You Change Your Mind,” on Thursday, March 18.

“If you change your mind / You know where to find me / Patient for the right time / Waiting on a green light / If you see the signs / And you wanna hit rewind / See how much we shine / I know you swore you’d never oh / But if you change your mind,” Hayes sings over the country-pop music.

“If You Change Your Mind” will feature on Hayes’ upcoming album, Red Sky (Part II), and follows his previous single “Heartbreak,” from 2019. Hayes wrote the song alongside John Luke and Rachel Braig.

“I wanted a song on the album that represented missing someone so much that you forget everything bad and only remember the good,” Hayes says in an official statement.

He added, “You find yourself in a dream-like state imagining what could happen if it went the way you always dreamed it would.”

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