Hype House Co-Founder Daisy Keech Slams Thomas Petrou & Chase Hudson

Daisy Keech is slamming the Hype House.

The 20-year-old social media star, who invested in the project last year, is calling out her co-founders Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson in a new YouTube video.

In the 22-minute vid, Daisy revealed that she put down $18,000 to help pay for the Hype House but was regularly not recognized as a founder when making business decisions.

“During the New York Times interview, Thomas and Chase just completely took over. I just kind of kept my mouth shut the entire interview. Didn’t try to take any recognition and just kind of left it to Thomas and Chase. Looking back I really wish I wouldn’t have done that,” Daisy said.

When she confronted the duo, things got worse and they continued to disregard her when discussing who founded the project during interviews. Eventually, Thomas, who had previously been one of Daisy‘s best friends, began to take away access to the Hype House email and social media accounts so that members didn’t know what brand deals were being made.

“We can’t ever have any group decisions, he somehow has authority over everything, he has that because he is the only one with access to all of the social media accounts and emails,” Daisy explained.

Daisy insinuated that Thomas may be keeping money from brand deals he did not tell the members about.

So far, Thomas has responded by posting “lies on lies on lies” on his Instagram story.

Listen to all that Daisy had to say here…

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