Inside Rihanna’s £468million fortune as she lands on Sunday Times Rich List

So Rihanna has gone and done it – she’s landed on the Sunday Times Rich List with a massive fortune estimated to be worth £468million.

Seeing as the 32-year-old is now based in London, she’s eligible to nudge out a Brit star to claim a place on the list, and has shown her might alongside some of the greats, and is now worth more than Sir Elton John.

According to the list, which took a deep dive into the finances of a bunch of stars, the Love On The Brain singer is reported to be worth nearly half a billion pounds – and over £100m more than Sir Elton – thanks to the success of her cosmetics line Fenty, her music career and fashion lines.

Not afraid of hard work, the singer has spoken about growing up without riches, as she once told the New York Times: ‘You know, when I was younger, I couldn’t afford everything, but a pair of Timberlands: That was my Dior. And I had to save my money for a whole school year to get those Timberlands that I wanted, and I did it.’

She added, in the 2019 interview: ‘I never thought I’d make this much money, so a number is not going to stop me from working. I’m not being driven by money right now. Money is happening along the way, but I’m working out of what I love to do, what I’m passionate about… My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else or, in the future, for if I have kids.’


Let’s take a look at what other ventures have propped up her coffers.


Let’s start with the big one, shall we?

Clearly Rihanna is acing the cosmetics game after launching brand Fenty in 2017, in collaboration with luxury goods powerhouse LWMH, run by billionaire Bernard Arnault, with it making £526.5m in the first 15 months.

Fenty – which produces everything from lipstick and eyeliner to lingerie – is now valued at $3billion ($2.8b) – yes, billion – with Rihanna’s reported stake of 15% worth a cool £351.6m.

(According to Forbes, this is a figure a spokesperson for the artist disputed but wouldn’t clarify further.)

Aside from the skincare, the singer has also released 11 fragrances, which are brilliant moneymakres – her first release, Reb’l Fleur, brought in an estimated $80m (£65m) in sales.

Her music

Even though we’ve been waiting what feels like a millennium for new solo tunes form Ri-Ri, the singer has still managed to shift more than 60 million albums and 216 million digital tracks, which has earned her a pretty penny over the years.

According to Business Insider, in 2016, she reportedly earned $22.3m (£18.2m) from music alone, with $7.6m (£6.2m) from streaming and $2.5m (£2m) from sales

That and she’s also a part-owner of Tidal, which means she earns streaming revenue from that with the company reportedly worth $600m (£491m).

In 2013 her Diamonds World Tour earned more than $140m (£114m), which helped things along.

A savvy businesswoman, Rihanna reportedly signed a $25m (£20m) contract to promote Samsung on her 2016 Anti World Tour with Travis Scott and the Weeknd.


Not just a singing face, Rihanna has appeared in films Annie, Battleship, Valerian and Ocean’s 8.

While we’re hardly across her contracts, the latter grossed $41.5m (£33m) from its box office opening in 2018.

Her clothing

We’re sure you’ve seen many a sexy snap on Rihanna’s Instagram showing off her impressive Savage x Fenty, which she co-owns with Los Angeles-based online fashion firm TechStyle Fashion Group.

Ri’s Fenty lines reportedly had a combined earning of $62m (£50m) in 2019.

In 2014, she also created a line alongside Puma as creative director.

Real estate

Owning several properties around the world, Rihanna is fast becoming a real (estate) magnate as well.

It’s been reported she owns a $5.45m (£4.4m) property in Los Angeles, bought in 2014, as well as apparently spending $925,000 (£756k) on another condo on Millionaire Mile in LA in 2016 – as well as buying a $6.8m (£5.5m) Hollywood Hills estate.

According to reports, she put it up for sale, however, and is renting it out for $35k (£28k) a month.

Now she’s living in London, and last year it was reported that she was living in a rented mansion for £16k a week.

So, feeling poor yet?

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