Is Duchess Kate styling her own hair in lockdown? One ‘expert’ thinks so.

It seems silly to talk about optics in a pandemic, but then again, the Duchess of Cambridge has shown time and time again that she struggles with substance. And for what it’s worth, the handful of times we have seen Kate via Zoom videos in the past month, her appearance was a topic of conversation on other outlets beyond this blog. I wasn’t the only person who noticed that Kate looked like she had gotten some sun on her face. Some people theorized that she had been on a short, sunny holiday, but I doubt it. I think the answer is probably that she’s been sunbathing by a pool somewhere at Sandringham, or maybe she’s talking long, sunny walks around the huge property with some regularity.

And of course people noticed her hair as well. Pre-lockdown, Kate had taken several inches off her royal locks. But in last week’s BBC interview, her hair looked a bit different, and it wasn’t just the cut. She clearly – ?? – isn’t running off to get blowouts every three days during the lockdown, so is she styling herself? The Daily Mail’s expert thinks so:

The Duchess of Cambridge has been styling her own hair, an expert has claimed, after the royal was seen speaking alongside Prince William on on BBC Breakfast this morning. Kate Middleton, 38, was pictured sporting a bouncier and more relaxed blow dry with her pre-lockdown trimmed ends visible as she isolates with William, 37, and their three children at Amner Hall in Norfolk. And now celebrity hair stylist James Johnson has told FEMAIL how he believes the Duchess has been styling her own hair, and how it looks healthier as she goes to less events and has given it a break from regular heat.

James said: ‘Kate’s hair is usually more full of volume and pristine. Here her hair looks more undone, and definitely shows signs of her doing it herself. Although we are used to Kate’s perfect locks, Kate’s effort is great and it’s nice to see a more relaxed style on her. It’s not easy doing your hair yourself when you’re used to getting it done professionally, so Kate has done well. Kate may have even created the blowdry look with a medium tong, which can easily be done at home.’

He continued of her new style: ‘This mirror like structure to the style also opens the face up more and is perfect for showing off Kate’s beautiful features. Kate had her LOB (long bob) cut before lockdown and luckily she went for a shorter, lighter style which I no doubt is easier to maintain in these conditions. Not being so active with work is a great time for her to re-condition her hair, and it shows in the shine. The use of less heat day-to-day as Kate goes to less events is ideal for helping restore her hair, perfect for someone like Kate who normally has a busy schedule and a lot of hair styling’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah, in motion in last week’s video, her hair seemed pretty bouncy, but it also seemed… light. Physically, not as thick. I wonder if Kate has taken out her weaves/extensions and this is all her natural hair. I also wonder about the color, and if she’s dyeing it at home. Pre-lockdown, she absolutely went to the salon once a month just for color treatments, and I believe she probably had a hair stylist come to her house twice a week (at least) for blowouts and styling. So is she doing ALL of it herself? If she is, it looks good. But again, we’re setting the bar kind of low here, right? “It’s not easy doing your hair yourself when you’re used to getting it done professionally, so Kate has done well.” We’re really supposed to praise her for washing, blow-drying and coloring her hair herself??

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