James Charles Fans Accuse Him Of ‘Glorifying Abuse’ After Partaking In Makeup Challenge — Hi

James Charles is in hot water once again!

This time, fans are calling him out for “glorifying abuse” after the YouTube star took part in TikTok‘s “Mugshot Challenge.”

Searching for the phrase or hashtag on the app will turn up videos of amateur artists using makeup to create what their police mugshots would look like. Many incorporate fake tattoos, tears, or smudged makeup, but some add fake cuts and bruises, as well.

Ch-ch-check out a few examples:

Take a look at James’ rendition, shared to his Twitter account on Sunday (below):

Many are NOT thrilled with his post, as evidenced by the replies to his tweet:

“Ya know whats not cute? Doing up your makeup like this & tiggering alot of people who suffer from ptsd of abuse. This isnt a super cute f**kin trend you and everyone else should be getting behind much less participating in. Completely distasteful. Disappointed but NOT surprised.”

“imagine thinking being domestically abused is a makeup look.”

Glorifying abuse 🤔 #notbeauty”

Several other replies also pointed out that this could be especially triggering right now for those who are quarantined at home with an abusive spouse or partner:

“Hey, this is clever and everything but can we maybe have a trigger warning next time?
It wasn’t pretty when I was bloodied, bruised and beat by my ex. I’d rather not see somebody glamorising what myself and so many others are traumatised by”

“You know I had to have two nose surgeries due to domestic violence. My nose is still crooked. I am reminded of those moments every day. This is not a subject matter to take lightly. You should know better. You need to apologize to everyone. This is triggering and offensive.”

Mr. Charles also posted the photos to his Instagram account, where he has received similar complaints from fans. The 20-year-old has yet to take them down from either social media profile, but did respond to one critic who wrote in with her own story of abuse:

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Should he be held to a higher standard compared to others who are doing the same thing?? Let us know what you think about this (below) in the comments!!

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