Jana Kramer Says She’s 'Getting Used To My New Normal' Following Mike Caussin Split

We’ve read her cryptic motivational messages on Instagram, but now Jana Kramer is giving us a bigger peek into her mind as she grapples with her new reality.

After filing for divorce from her husband of nearly six years, Mike Caussin, just over a week ago, the One Tree Hill alum largely went silent on social media. On Wednesday, she returned to address fans for the first time since making the shocking announcement! The singer somberly mused on her IG Story:

“Hey guys, it feels weird to be back on here. I just want to say thank you for all of the comments and the DMs and the love. I have to start getting used to my new normal and I guess forgive me for not really knowing how to walk that yet.”

The 37-year-old admitted to leaning into therapy and trying to “dive into books” in order to get through this tumultuous time, but admitted she doesn’t want to “put a Band-Aid on things because in order to fully grow, you have to grieve and heal.” Very true, though that’s a lot easier to say than do sometimes! Especially when a breakup like this brings up past traumas the actress had worked so hard to overcome. Like, you know, trust issues.

As a source told Us Weekly recently, the s*x addict’s scandal this time around “was the exact pattern that’s happened numerous times .” This includes the 34-year-old former NFL player’s 2016 affair that led to a brief split before the duo renewed their vows after he received treatment. Obviously, they had a whole lotta baggage. But they had worked through it…

So it seemed. Sigh…

The momma of Jolie (5) and Jace (2), both of whom she shares with her ex, is well aware of her tough love life. Explaining why it’s so important she doesn’t run from her feelings this time, the vocalist added in her new video directly speaking to followers:

“I’m trying to just be really mindful of that, and not distract myself with this, that and the other. But I do want to start getting back to having some normalcy — even in my new normal. So that’s with you guys, but just thank you, again. It means more to me than you know.”

Yeesh, luckily she has her social media following to lean on because the rest of her life is bound to get really shaken up now. For years, the former couple have hosted Whine Down together, and while the country crooner is expected to return to the show soon, it’ll certainly feel anything but normal without her co-host!

Not to mention, the pair had just published a memoir all about marriage and second chances… Gonna be emotional to pave a new path that is still as honest and vulnerable as her past work while the pain is so raw! But as she said last week:

“I’ve fought y’all. I’ve loved hard. I’ve forgiven. I’ve put the work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”

While Mike has yet to speak publicly on the matter, an insider told Us:

 “Jana and Mike both agree at this point it’s not going to work. And they want to be civil, but they’ll still need time to process the divorce themselves before they’re able to explain things to the kids.”

The confidant did suggest Mike’s feeling a bit bad about his actions — as one would hope!

“Mike always regrets what he’s done and feels like a heel, but unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. She’s definitely holding her ground and saying she’s not going to take him back. She’s done, but emotionally it’s been draining.”

Shoulda taken his wife’s threats seriously — the Lifetime star has been saying for a while now that if he ever cheated again, she’d be done. And looks like that’s true! Also, the fact that Jana “uncovered a recent infidelity” while healing from breast implant surgery and their closest friends didn’t even see this coming just makes the news all the more worse…

We really do hope these two take the time they need to heal, grow, and keep things “civil” for their sweet kiddos!

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