Jane McDonald: Cruising star left pleading ‘don’t make me sing’ before show launch

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Cruising with Jane McDonald, 57, became a popular hit with those who love travel and all things singing and dancing. One of the most memorable elements of the show was the songstress’ performances at the end of every episode, which drew viewers back to her days as a cruise entertainer, but Jane revealed she wasn’t too keen on the idea before the show hit production.

Please don’t make me sing at the end!

Jane McDonald

While chatting to Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page on her podcast Sunday Morning, Jane made the candid admission that it wasn’t her idea to incorporate any of her own singing talent into the new travel series.

“Your cruise show I absolutely love!” Joanna gushed.

“I remember watching the very first episode and listening to you.”

She continued: “And then when the music came into it I just thought, ‘This is amazing!’

“Whose idea was it to incorporate the songs?”

Jane, who announced she was stepping down from the travel show earlier this year, chuckled: “Well, it certainly want mine I can tell you that!”

“It was Ben Frow, hats off to the top guy at Channel 5 who told me, ‘I want you to do this cruising show and I want you to end with a song,'” she recalled a meeting she had had about the upcoming production.

“And I said, ‘Please don’t make me sing at the end!'”

Joanna was gobsmacked at the revelation: “It’s amazing!” she said, in disbelief that Jane wasn’t down to perform at the start.

“Well, it’s all credit to him and the whole success is that,” the telly star replied while gushing over her team.

The 57-year-old recently spoke out about what a “terrible time” her fellow travel workers are having at the hands of the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

She shared her concerns about the cruising industry amid travel restrictions and addressed how the two lockdowns have affected employees during an appearance on The One Show.

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Jane, who was forced to postpone her tour Sailaway With Jane McDonald, back in August because of the COVID-19 outbreak told hosts Angela Scanlon and Ronan Keating: “It’s such a massive industry and people love cruising, literally love it.

“Once you’ve done a cruise and you fall in love with that ship, you will go for years and years.”

The Jane and Friends star went on to point out that travel agents are also “going through a terrible time” at the moment.

She added: “It’s devastating what’s going on to the travel industry in general.

“It’s the cruising industry, all the staff on the cruise ships, the airlines, the travel agents, the travel agents are going through a terrible time as well.”

Fortunately, Jane ended on a more positive note, as she shared her hopes for the travel industry to recover after the pandemic.

She continued: “All we can do is live in hope, that’s all we can do.

“We just have to get through this, don’t know how we’re going to do it, but we just have to.”

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