Jason Derulo appears to break front teeth while eating corn off a drill

Lockdown + the prospect of going viral = tomfoolery at its finest.

Case in point – Jason Derulo, who seemingly took a power drill to his teeth for the lols. 

The Talk Dirty singer has racked up 16.7 million views on a TikTok video which sees him trying to eat corn on the cob from a spinning drill – which, we cannot stress enough, is a terrible idea and should not be attempted.

The 30-year-old held the corn affixed to a drill bit and told his followers: ‘Hey, have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Life hack.’

Jason proceeded to eat the corn from the rotating drill, before letting out a yelp – and opening his mouth to reveal he’d broken his two front teeth in half.

The star later shared another video of him showing his dental disaster to girlfriend Jena Frumes, lisping: ‘For real, how much do you think it’s gonna fix? 

‘I know it’s f***ing ugly. It’s f***ing despicable.’

And celeb dentist Dr Ben Winters, aka The Bentist, commented with exasperation: ‘How many times we gotta go through this bro.’

While the clip was pretty brutal, Jason’s followers are pretty convinced it is just a well edited prank.

Countless comments called the popstar ‘Jathon Derulo’, while one person wrote: ‘I need your editor’ and another comment read: ‘Can’t get any cornier than this.’

Sure enough, in Jason’s next few videos, he had a perfect set of gleaming white teeth, and when pictured out and about in Los Angeles hours after posting the prank, his front teeth were quite clearly intact.

What a trickster.

This isn’t even the first time Jason has ‘lost a tooth’ on TikTok, after he seemingly cracked his gnashers after falling into his swimming pool while attempting a handstand. 

All the pranks have worked though, with the Cats star now having over 20 million followers on TikTok. 

The star is isolating in his $3 million Los Angeles home with model girlfriend Jena, and there’s plenty of room for creating TikTok content.

As well as boasting five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the house – which the Whatcha Say singer splashed out on in 2014 – comes with a two bedroom guesthouse, a basketball court and a 75ft pool.

Not too shabby.

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