Jason Momoa Asks Metallica Bassist to Give Him Personal Guitar Lessons

The former ‘Game of Thrones’ actor, a big fan of Metallica, opens up about reaching out to one of the members, Robert Trujillo, to help him become a better guitar player.

AceShowbizJason Momoa has reached out to Metallica‘s Robert Trujillo for a personal bass guitar master class.

The “Game of Thrones” star, who is a keen bass player, is a huge fan of the “Enter Sandman” rockers and a close friend of Trujillo, who he has turned to for some playing tips.

He told Bass Guitar magazine, “When’s that guy going to teach me how to play bass? Ha ha! He’s like my spirit animal, I love him.”

“When I’m with Robert it’s like we both came out of the same cave. We’re the spitting image, and I absolutely adore him and his son and his family, they’re amazing.”

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Jason has also been inspired by Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton.

“The first song I’m dedicated to learning is (Burton’s 1983 solo piece) Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth). That’s the reason why I have my Rickenbackers (bass guitars), because of him. I f**king love Cliff. He was unbelievable.”

Jason is also a big fan of Primus star Les Claypool, and the two have been able to jam together.

“I can’t wait to gather more knowledge to be around him and just jam,” Momoa adds. “We had a really great time together, which was a really big relief because you don’t want to meet your heroes and then they’re f**king a**holes. We were having fun, just being fathers and family men. It was super inspiring. I asked him a lot of questions.”

Jason Momoa will next be seen in Denis Villeneuve’s new movie “Dune“.

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