Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hypes Up A Possible Mini-Movie For ‘The Walking Dead’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is opening up more about The Walking Dead‘s season finale.

If you recall, as coronavirus hit, production on the season 10 ender had just entered pre-production, and nothing was filmed for it.

Plans shifted and now there’s a “special” episode planned for later in the year, which Jeffrey shared could be more like a mini movie.

“It will be cool having a one off, almost a Walking Dead movie in the middle of the season, I guess,” Jeffrey shared with Entertainment Weekly. “So we’re excited about that aspect of it.”

He added that the season ender has to have “some sort of a resolution…whether that carries over to next season, I’ll leave that open, because who knows? But we know he’s [Negan] coming to wipe everybody out with his zombie horde so hopefully we’ll see that come to a head at some point. There has to be some sort of battle. Greg Nicotero directed it, so it’s going to be a big massive episode for sure.”

Stay tuned to JJJ as we learn more!

If you missed it, Jeffrey is filming a talk show for AMC with wife Hilarie Burton during quarantine.

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