Jenn Potthast Claps Back at 90 Day Fiance Fans: Moldovans DO Eat Peasant Food!

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth’s sister Jenn arrived in Moldova.

But when she and her family called the local cuisine “peasant food,” fans were in an uproar.

Elizabeth was thrilled to welcome her sister, Jenn, to Moldova.

But Jenn was quickly less than delighted by the local cuisine.

Along with her father and brother, Jenn disparaged the local dishes, likening them to “peasant food.”

“OK, so, you guys gotta understand something,” Jenn said in a recent Instagram video.

She explained her frame of mind: “Literally just getting off a long-ass flight, coming in, meeting a million people for the first time.”

Jenn added that she had the “film crew in your face, you haven’t eaten anything normal — normal to me, anyway, I’m sorry if I’m offending people.”

“But going in and just being mentally mind-f–ked,” Jenn continues, reiterating her state of mind.

She goes on: “And then having food in your face that you’ve never seen before in terms of, like, a piece of pig fat on a cracker — raw pig fat.”

“[I am] just not used to that,” Jenn admits. 

“[I] didn’t feel like eating it,” Jenn confirms. “I’m sorry.”

“And,” she complains, “you guys are just going bonkers about it. Like, chill. Chill.”

“Because if you were in that situation,” Jenn insists, “you wouldn’t eat it either. So stop.”

“I’m watching the show with you guys,” she recently shared on her Instagram Stories.

Jenn acknowledged: “I know I sound like a pretentious bitch.”

“Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show,” her self-deprecating post concluded.

“Hi hater,” Jenn wrote in another Story. “Enjoy watching me on your TV, though.”

She promised: “I’ll be in your living room next Sunday, too.”

“I know you can’t wait!” Jenn concluded, dripping with sarcasm.

Jenn also shared further lamentations from her family over the fan response.

To put it mildly, some 90 Day Fiance fans are taking things to vicious extremes.

The Potthasts are getting death threats over being moderately uncultured picky eaters. It’s absurd and awful.

This post by Jenn had us cracking up: “Whatever you hear about me, please believe it.”

“I no longer have time to explain myself,” the text reads.

The post concludes: “You can even add some if you like.” That’s a great way to show a sense of humor about rumors and insults.

There are legitimate criticisms to make of the Potthast family’s behavior, even if it pales beside Andrei.

Jenn made her remarks about the food being undesirable and unrecognizable while a plate full of fresh grapes sat beside her.

Ma’am, those are grapes. You don’t have to perseverate on which part of the pig they come from. They come from grape vines.

Chuck and Charlie’s investigation may be more rude, but it doesn’t mean that they deserve death threats or ill-wishes either.

Reality TV editing can take any offhand comment and turn it into a defining character trait, and more viewers should really understand that.

The Potthasts aren’t being ideal guests. Andrei spent some time being a less than great host. That doesn’t make any of them evil. Come on.

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