Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel Have a Brief Fire Scare at the Emmys

Jennifer Aniston joined host Jimmy Kimmel in person at the 72nd Primetime Emmys to hand out the award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Before they were able to announce the winner, however, a bit with fire seemingly almost got out of control.

The pair was making fun of safety protocols by dousing the envelope for the prize in anti-bacterial spray before lighting it on fire — all in the name of COVID-19 prevention during the socially-distant ceremony. 

While Aniston was prepared with a fire extinguisher and initially put the fire on the envelope out, it relit before Kimmel could get it out of the trash bin. The actress, who was quick on her feet, wasted no time using the extinguisher again — to make sure the fire was fully out before continuing with the presentation. 

“Thank god for Jennifer Aniston,” Kimmel tweeted after the scary moment.


Of course, social media was quick to capture the moment and make jokes about all things 2020:

The magic of live TV mixed with real fire

Me on December 31,

The #Emmys have gone from what’s up with this fake audience weirdness to oh that’s clever & OMG are they going to burn down the stage good fun.

The #Emmys fire that won't die is very symbolic of this year

Only Jennifer Aniston can save 2020.

The moment came soon after Kimmel’s opening monologue, where he showed audiences how the Emmys were trying to pull off the ceremony this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Most nominees are watching remotely from their homes or other locations, while a few presenters, including Aniston and Jason Bateman, are on hand to present the actual awards. 

“Of course we don’t have an audience,” he said. “This isn’t a MAGA rally, it’s the Emmys.”

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