Jennifer Lopez's New Coach Collab Means Fans Can Own Her Style

Fans know Jennifer Lopez for her music and movies. The 51-year-old celebrity is still looking gorgeous. She has had multiple romantic relationships, but she learned how to practice self-love. Lopez has been keeping herself busy with projects. Many people may remember her performance on the Pepsi halftime show during the Super Bowl. The star has a new collaboration with Coach, and she was excited to be a part of it. Fans can introduce a part of her style into their own. 

Who is Jennifer Lopez?

Lopez began her career with acting, making her debut in 1986 with the film My Little Girl. Her first starring role was in Selena. In the movie, she played the singer Selena Quintanilla. Her fame grew, and she went on to land roles in successful films like The Wedding Planner

In addition to acting, she got into dancing and displayed her skills on the TV series In Living Color. Some fans may have noticed that Lopez appeared in Janet Jackson’s music video for the song “That’s the Way Love Goes.” In 1990, she won a national competition. Fans also know Lopez as a renowned artist. In 1999, she released her first Latin album called On the 6. She later produced the hit single “If You Had My Love,” which became platinum instantly. 

Her success does not stop there. Lopez earned a nomination for a Golden Globe for her role in Selena. She would go on to win various awards and receive other nominations for her work. Lopez has two kids and is engaged to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. 

Jennifer Lopez’s new collab with Coach

Last year, Lopez formed a collaboration with the fashion brand Coach. US Weekly reports that the partnership will involve the celebrity designing a new bag with the brand. The bag will contain leather and snakeskin finishes. 

“The colorblock leather and polished hardware details are really my style. It’s a bag that makes me look pulled together and ready for anything, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone,” Lopez states. 

The artist expressed excitement about adding her style to the brand. For those who have not seen the product yet, it has pink and purple hues with gold hardware. Lopez made sure to focus on functionality as well. It will be a special edition shoulder bag.  

Her bag will give you that high-end look while being relatively affordable. The Coach x Jennifer Lopez bag costs $495, which is mid-range for a luxury bag, especially with Birkin bags selling for $500,000, as reported by Business Insider. The limited-edition product got released early this month. 

Jennifer Lopez has done other collaborations in the past 

Lopez has done a few collabs over the course of her career, and one of them was with the rapper Ja Rule; the duo made two remix collaborations back-to-back. 

One of them was “I’m Real,” and the other collab was for “Ain’t It Funny.” The two celebrities created iconic music videos to go with the songs. While there was a bit of controversy surrounding “I’m Real,” both songs became a hit. 

Recently, Lopez teamed up with famed singer Shakira for the Super Bowl. They performed during the halftime show, for which they had spent months preparing. Fans would consider it to be an iconic halftime show since it featured two superstars that are known worldwide. 

Shakira started the show off with “She Wolf,” and Lopez topped it off with “Jenny from the Block.” While they did not get paid, they did see a huge increase in sales for the songs they performed. There were about 16,000 downloads that Sunday. 

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