Jessa Duggar Ponders Baby Names, Sparks New Pregnancy Rumors

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Jessa Duggar is sick of being parent-shamed.

And we don’t blame her one bit.

At this point, though, it’s also pretty clear that Jessa Duggar may soon be parent-celebrated, which is an annoyingly complicated way of saying the following:

Jessa Duggar may be pregnant!

We aren’t spreading this rumor based on unsubstantiated sources, either.

Or based on anonymous Reddit users saying wild stuff online or anything like that.

Instead, we’re going off Jessa’s very own words.

On Facebook on Tuesday, the mother of three gave followers a strong reason to believe she was expecting again after sharing a conversation she recently had with son Spurgeon.

I love older names, and was talking with Spurgeon about this, wrote Jessa to open this post.

She then shared the conversation wiith her oldest, which went as follows:

Me: “Do you like the name ‘Alice,’ for a girl?”

Spurgeon: “Alice? That sounds like ‘malice.’ That is not my favorite name. I prefer ‘speeding-delightning.’”

Duggar concluded her message with the hashtag #SayingsOfSpurgeon, but she might as well have used #HeyEveryoneImPregnantWithBaby4 instead.

Jessa, of course, got married to Ben Seewald in November of 2014.

Together, they have three kids: Spurgeon Elliot (born November 5, 2015), Henry Wilberforce (born February 6, 2017), Ivy Jane (born May 26, 2019).

Could a fourth be on the way? Even if Jessa is only 27 years old?

Yes, it’s certainly conceivable, simply due to the family of which Jessa is a part.

She had to have known Facebook friends would be wondering about the status of her womb after she posted something about potential baby names, you know?

This may easily have served as a way for Jessa to gauge public reaction to the news before she went ahead and actually confiirmed it.

And we aren’t alone in posing this possibilitiy.

“Are you pregnant why a new girl name????” read one response to her post.

“Are you hinting at possibly a pregnancy by discussing names for girls??” another fan asked.

“Are you having another baby?!!!” read a third remark.

Thus far, Jessa has not responded to any of these pressing questions.

She has, though, recently issued a passionate defensive of  her controversial father.

And if she’s trying to get back on the good side of Jim Bob, what better way to so than to squeeze out yet another child?

We’re just sayin, of course.

But we’re also just sitting back now and waiting… for Jessa to confirm this hopeful pregnancy news. Stay tuned, Duggar Nation!

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