Jessa Duggar Records Hour-Long Video, Thanks God for Awful Father

Remember just a few days ago?

When Jessa Duggar wore pants in an apparent eff-you to her father?

And essentially declared that she didn’t care what Jim Bob thought of her anymore?

Well, Jim Bob himself appears to remember.

And Jim Bob now appears to have ordered his daughter to record a lengthy video in order to ensure she never forgets that he’s the one in charge.

This is the only logical explanation we can come up with, at least, considering the content of the footage below, which Jessa uploaded to her official YouTube page …

… and which is nothing but an all-out lovefest for her dad.

“During this time of quarantine we’re missing family so much!” wrote Jessa as an introduction to the video, adding via caption:

“But it’s been a good time to slow down and reflect. I’ve been looking through old family pictures and thinking back on my childhood.”

Continues the mother of three:

“As I’m raising my own kids now, I look back on my growing up years and I’m so grateful to God for the parents he blessed me with. This is the fruit of those reflections.”

In the footage itself, Jessa acknowledges that Jim Bob isn’t “perfect,” and has “issues,” but:

“When I think of all the blessings the Lord has given me through my father, the list goes on and on.”

For many observers, of course, the list of Jim Bob’s sins go on and on; highlighted, always, by the fact that he helped cover up son Josh’s molestation of his own sisters back when Josh was a teenager.

More recently, Jim Bob has been accused of stealing millions from his own family.

Derick Dillar has been the one lobbing one scathing allegation after another in his father-in-law’s direction, alleging that Jim Bob controlled every aspect of his kids’ lives during the filming of 19 Kids and Counting.

Both financially and personally.

“We are now trying to avoid toxic relationships for the health and recovery of our family,” Derick recently said in his own video, claiming that leaving the aforementioned show had “less to do about money” and more to do about “regaining control of our lives.”

In other words:

He and wife Jill had to get the heck away from Jim Bob.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Dillard was fired by TLC for making homophobic remarks (often!), so he may not be the most reliable source here.

He’s said many times of late, though, that Jim Bob wouldn’t let his kids profit from the family’s reality program and would even force them to make pregnancy announcements according to his own, selfish timeline.

“After years we found we had been sucked into a pattern of planning our hopes and dreams, only to find out that what we wanted for our lives really didn’t matter,” Dillard has said of Jim Bob, adding:

“For example, we put years of our lives and thousands of dollars of our own money towards a career goal, including airline tickets for interviews …

“… only to learn there were conditions out of our control, but under Jim Bob’s control that prevented us from taking such a step in our lives.”

Dillard claims Jim Bob has a “hidden contract” with TLC that lined his own pockets, while taking away money from his offspring.

“People wonder why we keep making such sudden changes in our lives, this is part of the reason,” Derick has also said, emphasizing why he and Jill have been keeping their distance from the latter’s parents.

Might this all explain why Jessa filmed the following video?

Might Jim Bob have pressured her to do so in order to earn some positive press for a change?

We’re just asking.

“This focuses on my Dad. Part 2 will be “Mom” (though she’s such an amazing woman that I could easily turn that into a mini-series!),” concluded Jessa on Instagram this week.

“Love these people more than words can describe, and I’m so thankful to call them my parents!”

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