Jimmy Doherty wife: Is Jimmy Doherty married?

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Jimmy Doherty, 44 brings a small filming crew around his farm in Suffolk and shows how his farm is adapting during the pandemic.

Who is Jimmy’s wife?

Jimmy and wife Michaela are said to have met in 2002 while Michaela worked on Jimmy’s childhood friend Jamie Oliver’s TV show.

The couple went on to get married in 2009.

Talking to the Mirror in 2018, Jimmy said: “I’ve been with Michaela for 15 years, and we both like peace and quiet and have a common purpose with our farm.

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“Working together is difficult, but being able to laugh helps us.”

The couple has four children together, Molly Rose, Cora Mae, Neve and Bo Lila as their latest addition to their family.

Talking about how he deals with his four daughters Jimmy said: “Having four kids is nuts.

“I do television shows, run the farm and the festival, and I thought children would be the easy bit.

“But they get more complicated the older they get. Everything is a conversation of wills, and I’m like, ‘Argh, just do it!”

Jimmy went on to say each of his daughters has a different personality.

Jimmy said: “Bo-Lila (rhymes with Godzilla) is 15 weeks old. Neve, two, is really cute at the moment.

“Cora Mae has just turned six, and she likes cooking and is a bit of a hypochondriac.

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“And Molly Rose is the eldest, aged seven, and is a bit like Huckleberry Finn and loves animals.

“It’s funny because they are all different, but they all pull the same faces as my grandmother, and there’s definitely the Doherty wilfulness – or can I blame the wife?”

Although Jimmy says, he still tries to be involved even though it can be difficult due to his busy schedule.

Jimmy said: “I try to be involved. It’s difficult because I’m away filming a lot.

“Sure, sometimes the last thing I want to do is a jungle collage on my day off, or spellings in the morning, but I have to put in the extra effort when I’m home.

“I try and stick to a routine. We make pancakes on a Saturday morning and have a roast on Sunday, and then we walk to the pub together and get an ice cream.”

Jimmy and Jamie Oliver are childhood best friends and grew up together in Essex.

He continued to tell the publication: “Me and Jamie are very, very similar. We have the same jokes, conversation and even the way we talk.

“We met when we were two. I don’t know, but we were at the same infant school in the village hall in Clavering, Essex, then went to primary school in the village hall and to secondary school – and were always in the same class.

“It’s amazing we’ve been friends all that time.”

In Jamie’s book Jamie Cooks Italy, the chef dedicated it to Jimmy’s dad who died in May 2018.

Talking to the Daily Mail Jimmy said: “Jamie gave me the book and I’m used to my dad being dead, but sorrow is a weird thing.

“I couldn’t control it, I had to go away on my own.

“Then I came back and said thank you and it started again. But luckily I had an eye infection so I could blame it on that. Pink eyes, weeping.”

Jimmy Doherty is back on screens tonight on Spring at Jimmy’s Farm at 8.05pm on Channel 4.

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