Jinger Duggar: Getting Her Very Own TLC Spin-Off?

Fans love watching Jinger Duggar’s pregnancy progress on social media, but seeing her and Jeremy on Counting On is a real highlight.

Some fans are clamoring for Jinger to get her very own spin-off. Others fear that Jim Bob would never let it happen.

Counting On has shown us how far Jinger has come in the world since coming to L.A.

She went shopping with Jana, and ended up spending $300 on something as “worldly” as a blazer.

That is a normal amount in the real world. On society’s fringes, where the Duggars dwell, it’s virtually anathema.

Seeing how different Jinger’s life is from Jim Bob and the IBLP cult’s vision has viewers thinking.

What if TLC focused on Jeremy and Jinger’s journey?

That would be especially interesting, since they have little Felicity and another on the way.

“I think you should just do a series on Jeremy and [Jinger]!” suggests one fan.

“I am 100 percent in,” the fan tweets. “I really don’t care about the other [Duggars]!”

This sentiment has been echoed by numerous fans across social media.

Counting On viewers have already watched Jinger and Jeremy make the journey to Los Angeles.

They traveled to their new digs under bittersweet circumstances — following the funeral of Jinger’s grandmother, Mary Duggar.

On the way, they stopped in Vegas, where Jeremy jumped off of the Stratosphere.

It is only natural that fans want to see more of Jinger and Jeremy’s life.

Jeremy is also a diehard Christian — he’s a pastor. He spent years being homeschooled, he is conservative. By normal standards, he’s a little out there.

But by Duggar standards, these two are a breath of fresh air, and viewers would like to see more of their lives.

As fans have correctly observed, Jeremy and Jinger’s way of life cuts through some of the controlling toxicity of the Duggar brand.

Jeremy has stated for years that he does not believe that women avoiding wearing pants plays any role in their salvation.

Additionally, fans have noted that Jinger and Jeremy don’t derive their sense of self-worth or faithfulness from how many children they have.

And, at the same time, they are having children — something that Duggar fans would like to see just the same.

Let’s be real — unless you’re an anthropologist studying cults, if you watch Counting On, you have at least some interest in the babies being “counted.”

Jinger is having kids. She’s just also a person, so she’s having them when she and Jeremy are ready.

Jinger and Jeremy are living in a nice house in Los Angeles and raising their growing family.

That in and of itself is a premise for a reality show.

Adding in Jinger’s various relatives and the fact that viewers are so familiar with her backstory, and a spinoff makes a lot of sense.

One of the best things that such a spinoff would have would be something that Counting On currently lacks: the absence of Jim Bob and Michelle.

19 Kids and Counting was rightfully canceled after Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal revealed that Jim Bob had covered up his son’s sex crimes.

But TLC wanted to keep milking Duggar content for viewers, ratings, and thus ad revenue. Counting On seemed like the perfect answer.

But TLC has been boiling the frog, as they say, sneaking Jim Bob and Michelle onto the show more and more.

This is because the outrage over Josh has died down. TLC will clearly do whatever they can get away with that won’t risk a boycott or advertisers pulling out.

A Jinger spinoff would give viewers a way to get Duggar content on their screens without Jim Bob and Michelle tainting the show with thier presence.

That said, some say that Jeremy and his views — some of which are downright shameful — make him not much better.

They also point out that if people want to watch a young couple live in a nice house in a major city, they already have some options.

If Jinger were a little older and in a different neighborhood, she could be trying out for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Another big obstacle? Jim Bob might not want any of his kids appearing on reality TV if he can’t fleece their paychecks for himself.

It’s not surprising that a despicable tyrant who uses money to control his adult children wouldn’t want anyone getting too financially independent.

But there may come a time when Jinger and Jeremy won’t have to consult with him or any other cultist before making major decisions.

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