Joe Jonas Explores The World In 7 Minutes In Cup Of Joe

Joe Jonas is traveling around the world, and he might pop up in a city near you.

Cup of Joe follows the singer on his globetrotting journey around the world, from Los Angeles to Berlin and everywhere in between. Once he reaches a new destination, he’ll spend some time there to sample the local cuisine (mostly coffee, of course) and hear from famous friends about what makes the city such a fabulous place.

He won’t have to go it alone, though. Celebrities like David Hasselhoff, Tina Fey, Lewis Capaldi, and Matthew McConaughey are there to guide him, with his wife Sophie Turner joining him for a few of his jaunts, including a trip around Amsterdam, where they fell in love. Bandmates Kevin and Nick Jonas roll out with Joe to check out Barcelona.

In the teaser trailer alone, we get a bit of a taste of how eclectic each destination really is. It looks like Joe may have been missing his calling all this time. He could have made a major name for himself as something of an Anthony Bourdain-like travel show host, jet setting off to different locales and seeing how the rest of the world lives. With Sophie at his side, we’d likely get plenty of insight into each area.

The 8-part series features bite-sized episodes, as is Quibi’s forte, around 7 minutes long. It’s also available today, if you’re a Quibi subscriber. True, there aren’t that many episodes. But if it’s good, and audiences respond well to it, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of it very soon. We can always use another helping of the Jonas Brothers in just about any form, after all.

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