Joe Wicks hits back at claims he's 'cashing in' on coronavirus crisis

Joe Wicks has hit back at claims he’s ‘cashing in’ amid the coronavirus crisis, after critics accused the popular Body Coach of taking advantage of the current pandemic with his massive YouTube series.

Since launching last month, PE With Joe has amassed 32million streams, as families welcome the trainer into their living rooms while the schools are closed.

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On Gogglebox last week fans jumped to Joe’s defence after a clip was shown from an interview, where he was asked what it took for him to become ‘the nation’s PE teacher.’

‘Just a webcam,’ Gogglebox star Sophie quipped, adding, ‘a YouTube channel’, while her brother chimed in: ‘And capitalising on a pandemic.’

However, the 33-year-old is doing anything but, as he donates all money made through his YouTube series to the NHS – last week raising $100,000 (£80k) for his 9am squats and burpees instalments.

Speaking with, the father-of-two (who is ‘open’ to other deals once all the kids are back at school) insisted so long as he’s making his PE videos and they’re raising money, it’ll be going to a good cause.

‘It’s definitely not true, I’m not benefitting financially, I’m giving it all back,’ the father-of-two said this week.

Still, he hardly begrudges the Goggleboxers for thinking he may be reaping the financial rewards, as he explained: ‘It may have been pre-recorded before I made the announcement.

‘So I understand the average person who sees the millions of views understands there’s revenue from that, so I don’t blame them for thinking that.’

Be that as it may, Joe insisted he hardly wastes time thinking about what trolls may think of his aims: ‘I don’t focus on that, I scroll past; I’ve learned to focus on the lovely, warm DMs that come through.’

Not too sure how much money he’s raised since last week – but knowing the figure as gone up – he continued: ‘As long as I’m doing these workouts specifically for schools, the money is going to go to the NHS. It’s the right thing to do, it feels right and I’m so glad I did that.’

There’s no denying Joe has clearly made a massive impact on the lives of those who view his videos, with a ‘never-ending’ stream of messages flowing into his DMs and inbox, according to the star.

‘It’s all day every day, it’s addictive, that’s what I love to share,’ Joe said of the warm and fuzzies he’s sent. ‘When you can’t go on holidays, purchase things, you think, what is life about? What are my priorities? Success isn’t putting more money in the bank – it hasn’t been for a long time – I love knowing I’m reaching more people.’

He continued: ‘I’ve opened my mind up to my purpose in life. When I read those messages, that’s my success. I’m affecting people’s lives in a positive way and that’s happiness for me.’

Joe’s PE With Joe streams live 9am Monday-Friday on his YouTube channel.

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