John Cusack, Cardi B & More Drag ‘Dictator’ Trump For Threatening To Use Martial Law To End ‘Riots’

Donald Trump declared he would deploy the U.S. military against criminal justice protesters if states could not control the violence in some areas and celebs quickly spoke out in anger about his decision.

John Cusack, Cardi B and more celebrities expressed their anger and difference of opinion from President Donald Trump after he held a press conference about the nationwide protests for the justice of George Floyd on June 1 and threatened to potentially illegally use the American military against the American people after violent protests. The speech came hours after the Washington D.C. police teargassed and and used rubber bullets and pepper spray on at least 1000 protesters in front of the White House, and in it, the Commander-in-Chief said that although he is “an ally of peaceful protesters”, he will step in if cities or states “refuse to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents.”

After his speech, the area was cleared so Trump could walk over to St. John’s Episcopal Church and hold up a bible in front of it. Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, who oversees the church, was reportedly “outraged” over Trump’s actions and thinks he “used a bible and church of my diocese without permission as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus,” according to CNN anchor Victor Blackwell.

Like the Bishop, many stars weren’t too happy with Trump’s words or actions. John, who made headlines for posting a video in which he claimed police officers were hitting his bike with batons during a protest this past weekend, was one of the first to respond to Trump’s press conference. “He declared himself dictator – him or us-,” he wrote in a tweet that talked about marital law.

Cardi also took to Twitter to write about her frustration over the president’s words. “Believe it or not the president have a lot of power his tongue,” she tweeted. “Today he held a press conference. Instead of comforting us letting us know that justice will be made and THAT YES! Black lives matter! He goes and threaten the people makin the people more angry!”

Issa Rae called Trump a “white supremacist president” in her tweet and admitted she thinks his “cowardly enablers would rather kill everybody than stop killing black people.” Joy Behar stuck up for the protesters in her tweet when she wrote, “All I see are peaceful protestors [sic] being intimidated by Trump’s mounted police. A disgrace. We saw what happened at Kent State many years ago. These are young people. Stop it.”

Other celebs like Rosanna Arquette, Diddy and Khalid also spoke out against Trump. While Rosanna called him “lawless and disorderly for almost 4 years”, Diddy wrote, “TRUMP IS TRIPPIN!!!” in his tweet. Khalid brought up martial law and expressed his disbelief over it. “Martial Law???? Are you f**king serious????” his tweet read.

The outrage over Trump’s decision to send out military action to stop protesters may have something to do with the fact that some argue it isn’t legal. Minutes after the press conference, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin claimed that it’s illegal for Trump to use the act alone and without invitation from governors even if there’s violence.

Protests over Floyd’s tragic death on May 25 started last week and went into full force around the country and even internationally in Germany this past weekend. Many photos and videos from the demonstrations made their way across social media outlets and when some of them showed acts of violence, including burning cars, looting, and police intervention with rubber bullets and tear gas, concerns for public safety reached an all-time high.

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