John Lennon’s Son Lights the Empire State Building in Honor of His 80th Birthday!

John Lennon would have celebrated his 80th birthday tomorrow (October 9) if he were still alive and his son, Sean Ono Lennon, is keeping his legacy alive.

Sean attended a lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building on Wednesday (October 8) in New York City.

The iconic building was lit with blue lights and a rotating white peace sign to honor John and his birthday.

Sean recently spoke about how listening to his dad’s music makes him emotional.

“I honestly do worry about crying because sometimes I think sometimes when I talk about certain songs that dad wrote, they’re just so emotional,” he said (via Express). “They are hard for me to even think about, let alone listen to some of them, especially the later stuff just because I have so many memories of them making Double Fantasy and some of that stuff just breaks my heart because… it’s like a time machine, it takes me right back to those moments before (John Lennon was killed), pretty tough.”

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