JoJo Siwa With Her Hair Down Is Truly A Whole New Person

There are before times and after times: the times before JoJo Siwa with her hair down appeared on TikTok, and the times after. And although I never thought we’d see the day, we’re now living in the after times, people. On Tuesday, April 21, the former Dance Moms star posted a video, which has since garnered more than 2 million likes and over 14 million views, on TikTok that featured a montage of her wearing her signature sparkly, colorful, rainbow outfits and her high side ponytail with a huge bow. The video then cuts to Siwa wearing a black Miu Miu graphic tee, and her signature ponytail is nowhere in sight. Instead, Siwa wears her hair down and curly, flipping it in slow motion.

The 16-year-old has rarely been seen without a side ponytail and one of her colorful, sequined hair bows (she’s even released her own collection of them) since she skyrocketed to fame as a cast member on the reality show Dance Moms alongside the likes of Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Ziegler. Following her departure from the show, Siwa expanded her horizons beyond dance into music, releasing two albums and going on a world tour. But expanding her hair horizons? Not so much, until now. Her ponytail has become a signature part of her persona — so much so, that the below video is now one of her most-viewed TikToks.

Unfortunately, it seems like Siwa’s hair-down moment was a short-lived one. She’s since posted another video in which her hair is styled in a side ponytail braid, although perhaps she filmed it earlier? Either way, fans are eager for Siwa to consider ditching the ponytail and her usual rainbow style for good. In another TikTok, Siwa challenged her fans to get her to 19 million followers on TikTok, and in return, she would do whatever the top (most-liked) comment said. Among the most-liked comments were fans asking Siwa to go without her signature ponytail for a year or to "dress normal for a day" (whatever that means).

Sadly, Siwa’s still hovering juuuuuuust under 19 million followers, but she still gave fans a peek at what no-ponytail life looks like. Maybe they’ll be quicker to act next time around.

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