Jonathan Majors' 2022 London Police Report Now A Part Of Domestic Violence Case

Jonathan Majors

New reports have surfaced as part of Jonathan Majors‘ domestic violence case, implicating he was involved in a similar incident last year — this one happening in London.

The Manhattan D.A. prosecuting Majors for his 2023 arrest for alleged domestic violence in New York City has entered documents that come from across the pond … involving an alleged incident with him and a woman 6 months before the NYC event.

The details surrounding the report are mostly unclear, but the alleged incident occurred last year at Molineux Stadium — a soccer stadium in Wolverhampton, England. The actor was in England filming the latest season of “Loki,” which is currently airing.

The D.A. says the London report includes medical records and treatment info for a woman connected to the alleged incident.

jonathan majors

As we reported, Jonathan was arrested in March for misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment after allegedly slapping his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

He’s denied the allegations repeatedly, and Jabbari — who is from London — is expected to be charged with assault after he filed a counter-complaint against her in June.

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