JT Addresses Wardrobe Malfunction at Billboard Music Awards: This Is Embarrassing

The City Girls rapper shares the behind-the-scenes story about the mishap, noting that Megan Thee Stallion was actually the first person who told her about it.

AceShowbizJT revisited her viral moment at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. During an interview with Speedy Morman for Complex, the City Girls rapper talked about her wardrobe malfunction at the event where she accidentally showed her underwear onstage.

When asked about her and Yung Miami‘s reaction to the mishap, JT shared, “We walked to our seat and the first person we had seen was like [Megan Thee Stallion] and she was like, ‘Girl, your h** is out.’ And I was like, ‘Huh?’ ’cause I had no clue.”

According to JT, the “WAP” hitmaker told her that she was trying to tell her that her underwear was exposed when she was still on stage. “But I never looked down,” JT said. “I kinda brushed it off, I was like, ‘For real?’ and then I went to my seat. … And then I checked my phone and I seen it and I told Caresha [Miami], ‘This is so embarrassing.’ “

JT later jokingly said that Miami was the type of person who would make it worse when someone told her their problems. After she realized that it was just her panties, JT said that she eventually laughed it off.

Prior to this, JT shut down a fan who blasted her over the mishap. “Why nobody told @ThegirlJT to put her kitty away,” the fan wrote in a now-deleted tweet. Firing back at the person, JT replied, “I have on black Panties RELAX.”

Back to the interview, JT also recalled the experience attending the big award event. She said, “The experience was funny as f**k from the red carpet to the stage. Me and Caresha laughed that whole day.”

Miami, who was also present in the interview, revealed that the humor started from the red carpet when their “wardrobe was f**ked up.” Miami went on recalling, “Then we got on stage to present the award, she forgot her part.”

For her part, JT explained, “I forgot because… let me make this clear, I am blind. I cannot see so it’s a teleprompter and I can’t see so my intention was not to get on stage and squint because I have a bad habit of squinting. So I try to remember my lines off the top of my head, on top of that I was hella nervous like that was a real stage.”

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