Justin Timberlake Cries A River After Ingesting The Spiciest Hot Sauces In The World — Watch

Justin Timberlake sampled the world’s hottest sauces on YouTube’s ‘The Hot Ones’ and downing the spicy chicken wings drove him to tears.

For a Memphis-born guy, Justin Timberlake proved to nearly fold fast when it came time to eat super hot sauces on chicken wings during the always epic YouTube show The Hot Ones. By the end he was nearly in tears, but he was losing it well before that. He tried a sauce called Da Bomb that was a Scoville level of 135,600 of heat and that’s was when Justin couldn’t stop the feeling.

He dug in to the wing and host Sean Evans even waited for the hot sauce to kick in before asking a question. “I feel like this is going to go really bad after this,” Justin said before biting down. Sean held back, wanting to make sure Justin was okay and he said, “It’s not okay….I’m going to be honest and say it’s not okay” while coughing. Sean noted this sauce hits “a little different” and Justin agreed wholeheartedly.

Sean then tried to ask Justin about his golf handicap and he replied “this f**king hot sauce is my handicap bro. Holy sh*t what is happening right now?” he asked, as Sean mentioned that the number seemed to improve with every Golf Digest. “I don’t know what it is right now. I don’t know what anything is right now.” Justin then had to get up from the table and walk — as well as cough — it off.  “Oh man, that’s emotional,” he said upon returning to the table. “I don’t know what’s happening to my equilibrium right now. I feel like I’ve been poisoned, because I have. Is there cyanide in this?” he asked.

Next came the Widow Maker sauce, with a Scoville level of 682,000. “I’m going to have IBS for about a month,” he said before biting in, but was totally up for the challenge despite how the last one leveled him. Sean started to ask a question and Justin told him “hold on, hold on,” but was able to get through a story about how Marilyn Manson came up to him and praised his debut album back in the day.

Then came the last dab, a sauce with a Scoville level of two million! Justin decided to soak his wing and needed to psyche himself up, having the crew applaud and cheer him on. Sean asked Justin rank his discography after he bit down and the singer responded, “It’s hard to do for a lot one reasons. One, I can’t see right now. Two, you try to do something different every time you put an album out.” He eventually got through the entire challenge and made it without any liquids, proclaiming victory at the end saying “no water b*tches!”

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