Kaitlyn Bristowe Updates Fans On Her COVID Experience: 'Officially Lost My Taste And Smell'

This isn’t how Christmas week was supposed to go!

Kaitlyn Bristowe and her boyfriend, Jason Tartick, are suffering through a bout with the coronavirus after having contracted it despite being very careful with their quarantine. And even though the couple is just a few days into their experience, the former Bachelorette sounds like she’s very ready for things to get back to normal! Which is very understandable!

On Sunday, the 35-year-old reality TV star popped back up on social media for the first time since announcing she and Tartick had tested positive. In her new message, via a series of Instagram Story videos, the Canadian revealed she’d already lost her sense of taste and smell (below):

Ugh! That sucks!

As part of the clip, she also explained to fans what it was like to go through the ordeal, saying:

“So, I’ve officially lost my taste and smell. I don’t know why I think I know how COVID works, because I don’t. But, when I first got it, I was like, ‘Okay, no real symptoms.’ And then a few days went by and I was, ‘Oh, okay, I just feel like I have a cold.’ And then another day goes by and I’ve lost my smell and my taste. It’s just so unpredictable, and I think that’s the scariest part about COVID — all of the unknown and the unpredictableness of it.”

No kidding!

The popular Off The Vine podcast host went on to further document her COVID experience with more social media uploads, as you can see:


And she even attempted to use a TikTok recommendation for how to bring back her senses of taste and smell, which she documented as well:


Sadly, the whole “burnt orange with brown sugar” thing did not work to bring back her sense of taste, and so she remains without it. Alas!

Still, her BF posted his own shot to Instagram on Sunday, too, and optimistically claimed that “the worst is behind us,” so hopefully he’s right about that and they can get back to normal pretty soon:


A post shared by Jason Tartick (@jason_tartick)


What a scary situation. And so many uncertainties! This virus appears to affect different people SO differently, it seems like it’s really hard to know what to expect!

Regardless, we just hope Kaitlyn and Jason can get better ASAP and get back to normal very soon! And yes, here’s hoping their sense of taste and smell return to normal quickly, too!

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