Kanye West Says He & Kim Kardashian Almost Aborted Daughter North at Campaign Rally Speech

Kanye West just held his first campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina today (July 19) and was met with a packed crowd.

According to Post and Courier, the event was held for the 43-year-old rapper to make a bid to be on the ballot for the Presidency.

Kanye went over many topics at the event, including how social media brainwashes people, the dangers of addiction to opioids, his anger against the lack of diversity on corporate boards, and even abortion.

“I almost killed my daughter,” he tearfully said during the rally when the topic was highlighted, referring to his first daughter with Kim Kardashian, North.

Kanye added that his mother, Donda, also contemplated abortion with him.

He officially announced that he was running for President on July 4, before reports emerged that he had dropped out.

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You can watch a bit of Kanye‘s campaign rally below:

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