Kate Middleton Is Giving Her Kids At-Home Haircuts with the Help of Her Nanny Maria

Much like the rest of us, the royal family hasn’t had access to a professional haircut in months—and apparently Kate Middleton’s taken matters into her own hands. The Duchess is currently self-isolating at her country home in Norfolk with a “scaled back household staff,” and a source tells The Sun that she’s giving her kids haircuts. In fact, Kate has apparently been super good at cutting hair this whole time.

George, Charlotte, and Louis usually have their hair cut at Kensington Palace by Kate’s stylist Richard Ward, and since she has a pair of his scissors lying around, stepping up has been no bigs. Per the source, “Kate is able to trim all the children’s hair because she has this professional kit at home, including scissors, from Richard.”

Meanwhile, the source says “Kate would get Maria to do her hair during the lockdown. But it has only had a little trim so far. Kate does use a home colour on it from Richard. She would normally be given products from his salon between her appointments with him but for this lockdown ‘the package was rather larger than usual.’”

Cool, I’ll just be here cutting my own bangs with literally no supervision.

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