Kid Cudi Helps Launch New Fan Interaction App

Kid Cudi has helped launch Encore, a mobile app that help artists to keep connected with their fans.

Encore, currently in beta, allows artists to preview music, interact and chat directly with fans, and set up livestream concerts.

“The current streaming model puts artists in competition with one another and only rewards the top 1% of artists who collect 90% of the money,” a press release explains.

The release adds, “Encore offers an all-new format that encourages collaboration amongst artists and makes it easy for up-and-coming and established artists to manage and grow a direct relationship with their fans. Artists can drop new music, chat with fans and host live shows from anywhere in the world.”

Cudi is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Encore.

“The energy from a concert is undeniable, both for the fans and artists. I am excited to launch Encore to help bring the live music experience back to our fans. Encore is committed to empowering both established and new artists and delivering the best mobile music experience out there,” Cudi said.

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