Kids need germs Gemma Atkinson sparks uproar as daughter, 3, shares lollipop with dog

Gemma Atkinson hits back at 'the garden police' after messages

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Gemma Atkinson has defended herself after sparking uproar for posting a video in which her daughter Mia, three, could be seen sharing a lollipop with their dog. The actress, 37, insisted “kids need germs” to help develop their immune systems.

The star had posted a clip on Instagram of Mia handing her lollipop to their dog Norman, who happily slobbered his tongue all over it.

Mia could then be seen putting the same lollipop into her mouth.

“Sharing is caring,” Gemma wrote.

As fury ensued, the star was forced to address criticism. 

“A lot of anger today about Mia sharing a lolly with Norman,” she wrote.

“KIDS NEED GERMS. If you think that’s bad, you should see me wrestling with her to not open sanitary bins in public loos! 

“Or when she used to share her dummy with other kids at nursery, or when she comes home from nan’s covered in mud from playing [in] the park.

“Also, dogs have bacteria in their mouth, but not as much as humans [thumbs up emoji],” she concluded.

In the next Instagram Story, Gemma showed how close Mia and her pup friends are.

“Also, they share beds and cushions… just like I did/have for 27 years, and I’m ok (ish),” she wrote alongside a photo of Mia and Norm snuggled up together on the sofa.

Gemma shares Mia with her fiance, Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez, 31. 

He recently left to go on tour, and Gemma admitted she’s had an increased respect for single parents ever since. 

“Shouting out today any parents who are just on their own and just getting it done without family support,” she said. 

“Because I am extremely lucky, obviously Gorka works away a lot but my mum and my stepdad are ten minutes down the road, my sister’s half an hour away. 

“I’m so lucky that I can work, because they pick Mia up from nursery when I’m at work and stuff. 

“But last week and this week I’m off work because they’re all away. So I’ve nothing, I’ve no one!

“Myself with Ollie and Norm and Mia,” she added, referring to her two dogs as well as her child. 

She continued: “I’m only halfway through and I feel like I’ve been t****ed round the head, my gosh. 

“And I know there’s so many people who do this every single day, all day, and I think you’re incredible, honestly. Absolutely incredible.”

Gemma and Gorka met back in 2017 when they both starred on Strictly together, her as a celebrity and him as a professional. 

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