Kim Kardashian Admits Her Kids Would Not Have ‘Patience’ Like Stormi, 2, In Chocolate Video

Stormi Webster passed Kylie Jenner’s ‘patience’ test in an incredible Instagram video, but Kim Kardashian says two of her kids would NOT have the same willpower!

Kim Kardashian is super impressed by her niece, Stormi Webster, 2, displaying extreme patience in a new video shared by Kylie Jenner on Instagram. She left a comment on the video to gush over Stormi’s willpower, and also noted that two of her own kids, Chicago West, 2, and Saint West, 4, would not have been as patient. “OMG how perfect!” she wrote. “This would NOT be the case with Chi! Or especially Saint.” In the video, Kylie left a bowl of chocolates out for Stormi, and told the two-year-old that she could only have some after her mom returned from going to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, she was secretly filming Stormi to see if she broke the rules and took some of the chocolate when she thought no one was looking. Although Stormi almost caved at one point, she remained obedient, and adorably repeated the word, “Patience, patience,” to herself as she anxiously waited for Kylie to get back. The toddler was able to last the full minute, and Kylie proudly rewarded her with three pieces of the chocolate candies. Of course, Stormi was thrilled!

The comments section of the video was flooded with some of Kylie’s famous friends raving over how cute Stormi is. “I’m crying….she’s soooooo precious,” Hailey Baldwin wrote, along with a bunch of red heart emojis. Stassie Karanikolaou added, “I can’t with her,” also with a series of expressive emojis.

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Sofia Richie also weighed in, writing, “Omg! I just love her so much,” and Vanessa Hudgens gushed, “Oh my gawd. Too. Cute.” Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen shared how she thinks her kids would react in the same situation. “Ok oh my God this is SO SWEET,” she commented. “I gotta try with Miles. I know Luna won’t but Miles, it’s over.” It’s safe to say that Stormi has officially broken the Internet today!

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