Kim Kardashian: Should She File to Divorce Kanye West?

It’s taken the trashing of Harriet Tubman.

The confession that he wanted to abort his daughter.

And the public taunting of his own wife.

But we’ve finally arrived at what appears to be an inflection point for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Amid the rapper seemingly suffering a mental breakdown — but this time revealing oodles of personal information as part of his public rantings — sources say the reality star has had enough.

In the past, we’ve hinted at various rumblings of a Kimye divorce.

Now, however, Kardashian is allegedly meeting with lawyers and truly considering the possibility.

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Can one really blame her?

While remaining sympathetic to Kanye’s bipolar struggles, Kim may very well still be unhappy in her marriage.

She also may think there’s a danger for her children to be around someone this unstable.

With the long-time rumor  therefore seeming closer than ever to becoming a reality, we’ve asked our staff to respond to the following question:


YES by Tyler Johnson

Rumors about Kim and Kanye getting divorced have been circulating since about the day after their wedding six years ago.

But now that it’s really on the verge of happening, it’s not the hot gossip item that so many haters expected.

Instead, it’s a horribly sad situation that counts four innocent children among its victims.

It was widely assumed that Kim would be the one to pull the plug on the marriage, and due to Kanye’s many years of narcissistic, ego-driven behavior, many of his critics have been looking forward to that day for years.

However, now that an announcement seems close at hand, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking pleasure in the situation.

The fact is, it looks increasingly like Kim has no choice but to leave her erratic husband.

But this isn’t a moment in which a proud woman happily kicks her man to the curb.

Instead, it’s a case in which a heartbroken mom is being forced to break up her family for the safety of her kids.

So yes, for now, Kim should probably at least separate from Kanye for safety’s sake.

But hopefully, no one is looking at this situation and saying, “I told you so.”

YES by Simon Delott

Kim is intelligent and driven, having taken a sex tape and a moderately famous legacy and turned it into a global economic empire.

Her tragic flaw as a human being has always been her family’s strength — solidarity.

She and her sisters always closed ranks as soon as there is outside criticism or conflict, even if her loved ones are in the wrong.

This may have worked in the past, but this is not going to work when the person who is in the wrong is also lashing out at her.

Kanye is unwell, and as long as he continues to go unmedicated and spout off whatever thoughts come to mind, this will impact Kim and her children.

I’m not recommending that Kim shun Kanye for being mentally ill, however.

Having bipolar disorder may make you blurt out things or take impulsive actions that you otherwise would not, as we have seen with Kanye.

But the underlying beliefs behind his actions come from West.

Most bipolar people do not say the things that he says … because they are different, better people.

Mental illness doesn’t make you a bad person; in this case, it just makes Kanye bad at hiding it.

Even if he’s no longer blurting out unhinged statements about Harriet Tubman, Kanye will still be a deeply selfish man.

Not all of his delusions of grandeur can be explained away by manic episodes — not when it’s essentially his entire brand as a celebrity.

Kanye deserves the medication and therapy needed to address his mental illness. But that won’t magically make him into a good person.

YES by Hilton Hater

It’s unanimous!

Kim Kardashian, at her core, is a businesswoman.

She turned a relationship with Ray J into a best-selling sex tape, which she then turned into a reality show and beauty line and… you know the rest.

Kim also married Kris Humphries for a grand total of 72 days in order to get free stuff, garner a bunch of headlines, earn sympathy from her fans and generally remain relevant when it seemed her career was dying down.

This is someone who only knows one L-Word.

It isn’t Love, either. 

It’s Loot.

I’m not even here to judge Kim. She made both Ray J and Kris Humphries rich and famous off these relationships. More power to all of them!

But let’s not pretend that Kardashian is madly in love with Kanye, okay?

She wanted to go more legitimate, to be taken more seriously, to break into the mainstream once and for all… so she got together with the most successful rapper of her generation.

It’s all about her image and all about her brand when it comes to Kim Kardashian.

And right now? Kanye West is bad for her brand.

That’s why she issued a statement in response to his breakdown; so she could be on the right side of the mental illness debate and not come across as cold-hearted when she makes the inevitable decision to call this marriage off.

Kim remains in charge of a media and influencer empire.

She knows she can’t be associated with someone she can’t trust not to absolutely lose it at any time.

Every relationship is seen purely through a business lens for Kim Kardashian.

And, at this point, being associated with Kanye West is bad business.

Have we convinced you?

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