Kody Brown: Snubbed on Father’s Day! By Everyone!

Kody Brown has 18 children and four wives.

As a result, you’d think the reality star’s social media accounts would have been blowing up this past weekend with Father’s Day wishes and tributes.

And, yet, if you thought this… you’d be grossly and sorely mistaken.

We combed through the Instagram and Twitter pages of Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine Brown this week, desperately searching for any sort of message about Kody in reference to this occasion.

We looked and we looked, you guys. We really did.

But: Nothing.

There was nothing to be found. Not a single Sister Wives cast member wrote a single thing about Kody in honor of Father’s Day.

Should we read a great deal into these snubs?

Should we consider them a sign that all four wives are close to being done with Kody?

Especially in the face of Kody admitting awhile back to acting like a selfish jerk throughout the latest Sister Wives season by constantly pushing his spouses to live in the same giant house in Arizona?

Did Kody really drive a stake into his quartet of relationships through this behavior… or have his wives and children rarely acknowledged Father’s Day over the years?

We conducted some research into this topic — and it does appear as if things have changed for the worse for Kody.

In 2019, for example, Kody and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, shared a heartwarming post about her famous dad.

“Couldn’t let the day go by completely without wishing this man a Happy Father’s Day!” she wrote at the time about Kody, adding as a caption to the photo below:

‘”Thank you for being the best Dad a girl.could ask for! A solid rock to lean on, a soft landing place for hard times and the unconditional love you have for all of your kids!

“Love you.”

This year, though? No message from Maddie.

In 2018, Mykelti also posted a Father’s Day photo of herself and Kody.

This year, though? No message from Mykelti.

In 2015, Robyn gushed over Kody, while Janelle expressed her joy for how “engaged” Kody has been in the lives of his kids.

This year, though? No message from either woman.

It’s worth noting here that Kody also snubbed his wives on Mother’s Day, which may explain why they chose to give him the cold viral shoulder this time around.

We also reported in April that Kody wasn’t spending any time with his sons or daughters during the COVID-19-based quarantine, which could explain their basis for ignoring him this past Sunday.

The real question here is if any of this will mean anything moving ahead.

We know Meri is finished with Kody.

But could the same soon be said for all the Sister Wives?

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