Korn’s Jonathan Davis Opens Up About Crystal Meth Abuse

Jonathan Davis opened up about his history of crystal meth abuse in a new interview.

The Korn frontman said the habit started before the metal band “blew up” in 1994, and he discontinued using the drug after 1998’s Follow The Leader.

“I started doing meth when I moved to Huntington, and there’s a lot of meth there from Bakersfield, and I got hooked up with someone that was giving me tons of it there,” Davis said on the “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” podcast.

He told Steve-O that the song “Helmet In The Bush” revolves around meth.

“Unfortunately, my wife died of an overdose so I had to go through that,” Davis said, referring to his second wife Deven’s death in August 2018 of an accidental overdose.

“It was hard you know, [with] addiction and mental health issues and all these things going on. So I dealt with making that record, [it] was hard. But, you know I got through it and I am good now, everything is great,” he added, referring to the 2019 album, The Nothing.

(Photo: Stefan Krause)

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