Kourtney Kardashian's Relationship with Travis Barker Makes Scott Disick "Uncomfortable"

In case you haven’t been watching the final season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Scott Disick’s made it all kinds of clear that he wants to, like, straight-up marry Kourtney Kardashian. Which is slightly awkward considering she’s currently dating Travis Barker and he’s in a relationship, I guess, with Amelia Hamlin. And apparently now Scott’s having a hard time adjusting to his ex moving on.

“Scott has really distanced himself from Kourtney recently,” a source tells E! News. “Of course they are still cordial when it comes to the kids, but they aren’t hanging out as much or doing things as a family. The communication has become strictly about the kids.”

In other words, and to quote Kim Kardashian’s BFF, they are never ever getting back together. And now Scott is trying to figure out how he fits into Kourtney and Travis’ new blended family.


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Sounds admittedly difficult for Scott, who has “always held out hope that he and Kourtney will end up together.” Here’s to hoping he, Travis, and Kourtney figure out a way to be friends! Preferably while E!’s Hulu’s cameras are rolling.

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