Kylie Jenner Annihilates Body-Shaming Hater on Instagram: I Gave Birth to a Baby, Moron!

Kylie Jenner is a woman of many talents.

You don’t get to be the world’s yougest self-made billionaire without knowing a thing or two about marketing, and Kylie is basically teaching a daily master class in self-promotion.

The woman knows how to deliver content that makes her millions of followers feel like they can relate, even as she’s wearing shoes that cost more than the houses they live in.

Earlier this week, for example, we saw Kylie drinking herself to sleep while in quarantine.

Now, that’s something us peasants can identify with.

On top of being a one-woman media empire, Kylie is a mom, and it seems that another experience she shares with her followers is that of having to endure ignorant douche bags talking about the ways in which her body has changed as a result of her pregnancy.

There’s an Instagram page devoted to Kylie’s Snapchat posts, and apparently it attracts the haters who aren’t brave enough to comment directly on Kylie’s Intagram.

Unfortunately for those cowards, Kylie has been known to lurk on @kyliesnapchat.

As the Comments By Celebs page pointed out, Kylie posted a throwback pic recently, and some anonymous fool felt the need to offer an unsolicited opinion on her physique.

“Wow she’s so skinny here,” one fan commented, leading the troll to reply, “She was better.”

Now, we’re sure Kylie’s not hurting in the self-esteem department, but internet strangers arguing that you’re past your physical peak at the ripe old age of 22?

Well, that can’t feel good no matter who you are.

Fortunately, Kylie didn’t take the abuse lying down:

“I birthed a baby,” she replied.

Folks, that is how you clap back at hater.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of losing your cool, just calmly point out that they’re irredeemably foolish and the internet would be a better place if they were to delete their account.

It would have been disappointing if Kylie had let the trash-talk slide, but we would also hate to think she let it think she ruin her day.

Fortunately, she took the middle path and handled the situation the way a billionaire mogul should handle every situation — like a boss.

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