Kylie Jenner Keeps Kris Jenner’s Creepy Wax Figure in Her House: ‘She’s Mine’

In a new Instagram Story video, the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star hints that the Madam Tussaud wax figure, which previously crept out the internet, has been moved from Kris’ house to Kylie’s.

AceShowbizKylie Jenner has added a new decoration to her house. The new decoration is none other her mom Kris Jenner‘s horrifying wax figure which crept out the internet back in December 2019. In a new Instagram Story video, Kylie hinted that the Madam Tussaud wax figure had been moved from Kris’ house to Kylie’s.

“Guess who came to live with me now?” the youngest Billionaire said, while penning her to the wax figure. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” then continued walking over to a wax figure of her mother which was placed in her bar/billiards room.

“She’s mine now. I don’t wanna get any texts or phone calls from my sisters after this. She’s mine,” Kylie said.

“I would be scared as hell if i see that in the night,” a fan commented in response to the video. Echoing the sentiment, someone added, “I genuinely cannot imagine seeing that in the dark.”

Meanwhile, a user admitted that whoever created the wax figure did a great job. “I thought it was her, couldn’t tell the difference,” said te person. Poking fun at Kris’ rumored plastic surgery, one other commented, “It’s funny how the wax figure looks real af because they all got so much work done to look like dolls.”

Back in December, Kim Kardashian showed her followers the lifelike wax figure of her mother sitting at the bar in an Instagram Story video. It wore a tuxedo modeled after Kris’ Dolce and Gabbana suit. “You guys have no idea how real this looks. It’s insane. It’s exact down to the little mark she has,” the makeup mogul said while pointing to a beauty mark on its chin. “This is her exact hairline. I can’t even tell you how creepy and amazing this is.”

Chrissy Teigen was also taken aback by the wax figure. She was seen in a video shared by Kris appearing to be completely mesmerized by the figure as she sat in front of it. “Okay, Chrissy is obsessed with me. She’s staring at it like it’s me, but it’s not even me,” the momager said in the video, as the cookbook author asked, “…Does it have nipples?”

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