Lamar Odom’s Fiancee Sabrina Parr Admits That His Kids Can’t Easily ‘Accept Anyone’

Sabrina also shares that the Odoms have always been careful when it comes to accepting newcomers because they’re ‘hurt by things’ that happened in the past.

AceShowbiz -While Lamar Odom‘s fiancee Sabrina Parr has easily earned the former NBA star’s heart, she’s still struggling to get his kids’ heart. After it was reported that she got into an argument with Lamar’s daughter Destiny, Sabrina has spoken on the situation.

Speaking to TheNeighborhoodTalk, the fitness guru says, “What they haven’t told you is that I have spent time with them, kicked it with his daughter, had the kids flown out to L.A. to surprise their dad and helped orchestrate one on one time for him and the kids.”

Sabrina went on to share that the Odoms have always been careful when it comes to accepting newcomers. “That entire family is hurt by things that happened way before I came around and it’s hard for them to accept anyone when he hasn’t been the best dad to them,” she claimed. “I was a daughter of a missing dad so I totally understand which is why I give them room for their process.”

Prior to this, the outlet reported that Sabrina and Destiny were fighting, to the point that Lamar was forced to break up the fight between the two ladies. The fight stemmed from Sabrina overhearing Destiny complaining about people coming in and out of the house, and smoking a lot of weed with Sabrina’s 5-year-old son around. She reportedly told the other person on the phone that she understands why Sabrina doesn’t have custody of her son.

Destiny’s comments allegedly set Sabrina off. She hopped off the pool and confronted the 21-year-old about her conversation on the phone. The source noted that it was like Sabrina was “really about to try and fight” Destiny. Before things escalated further though, Lamar reportedly came out and stepped in between the two ladies.

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