Larissa Lima BLASTS Colt Johnson: I Didn’t Make You Fat, You Liar!!

Just as one ex accuses Colt Johnson of revenge porn, he comes out with an accusation against his most famous ex, Larissa.

While doing a remote press tour to promote the new spinoff, the 90 Day Fiance villain is accusing his ex-wife of being the cause of his past weight gain and more.

Fans expect that he will hve more to say in the upcoming episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

Larissa saw his comments and is clapping back hard.

She says that she did everything that she could to help Colt and his health journey, but that TLC's cameras edited much of that out.

Larissa also accuses Colt of lying about other things, too. Take a look.

(And, at the bottom, see the latest Self-Quarantined clip!)

1.New year, same old feud

2.Let's start at the beginning

3.Don't worry …

4.Debbie is there with Colt

5.They're prepared for this pandemic

6."I never expected to see it in my lifetime"

7.Debbie says to "treat it like a vacation"

8.Debbie is staying positive

9.We've included an entire teaser

10.So, here's the issue

11.Colt blamed Larissa for his weight gain and more.

12.The good news is that he's doing better

13.His weight is his business


15.First and foremost …

16.She has a boyfriend

17.Colt isn't so single himself

18.Also, she says, she did not "make" him fat

19.But she says that she was trying to help

20.She claims that these moments were edited out

21.She just wants to move on

22.She has put Colt and Debbie behind her

23.Besides, Colt has other worries

24.Here is the Self-Quarantined teaser!

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