Larry Kudlow: A Republican House is a 'tremendous opportunity'


Larry Kudlow: GOP taking back the House is ‘incredibly’ important

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow discusses the impact a Republican-led House would have on America on ‘Kudlow.’

So, as the midterm election post-mortems, finger-pointing, blame-gaming, and all other signs of disappointment continue to roll in, what fun. I just want to say, really, the most important point right now by far, is that the GOP is going to take back the House. Ok? That is beyond important. It is incredibly important. 

It is "repeal the Biden big government socialism agenda" important. It is "open the oil and gas spigots" important. It is "stop the inflationary federal spending" important. It is "stop the tax hikes and make the Trump tax cuts permanent" important. It is "economic growth" important. It is "close the border" important. It is "tough on crime" important. It is "parents should run their kids' schools" important and it’s "free market capitalism" important. Let’s try not to forget this.  



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I know a platoon is not as big as a cavalry, but the "take back the House platoon" is plenty important.  Now, Newt Gingrich is going to come join us shortly and Art Laffer is going to talk about why the GOP should focus on being the "good stewards of prosperity," so we’ll cover this ground. I just think that’s the key coming out of this election. 

There are plenty of other issues out there, of course.  The GOP's got to figure out how to deal with this Democratic mail-in ballot harvesting scam. Frankly, there's a certain amount of Trump fatigue going on, though I still love him for his achievements —  and let’s make the Trump tax cuts permanent —  the Herschel Walker runoff is still very important in terms of Senate power-sharing.  


Washington, DC – September 22 : House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., meets in his office with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Kellyanne Conway, former Trump White House advisor, moments before heading to speak, share experiences an ((Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images) / Getty Images)

Now is absolutely not the time to start attacking House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. I mean that is just crazy! Perhaps, the Senate GOP leadership vote should wait until after Georgia. Maybe. Let’s not forget, in the Senate it was the GOP defending 20 of 34 seats. Next time around in 2024, the Democrats are going to be defending two-thirds of the seats.  

So, this whole story is still complicated. The GOP out-polled Democrats nationwide, but it didn't translate near as much as hoped.  But again, I repeat, the single most important item here is a Republican House.  It is a tremendous, tremendous opportunity and let us hope that this new House Republican platoon seizes it.  

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow's opening commentary on the November 14, 2022, edition of "Kudlow." 

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