Larry Kudlow: Time to create a new GOP agenda for economic prosperity


Larry Kudlow: Time for GOP to endorse Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow breaks down the accomplishments and agenda of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on ‘Kudlow.’

Newt Gingrich calls them "blackmailers." The Wall Street Journal editorial page today calls them "masochists" and "dissenters." I just call them dumb.  So, who's the "they" in all of this? 

The "they" are the Republican House members — I guess there's really only five of them — who oppose Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. 

Now, I would say it's long past time that all Republican House members join hands in supporting Mr. McCarthy.  Stop showboating, or stalling, or threatening to undermine the significance of a new Republican-run house and let's start moving towards putting together a new GOP agenda for economic prosperity.  

It's also high time that the minority Republican leadership in the Senate stop betraying Mr. McCarthy and his new House majority and give them a shot at putting together a prosperity plan right now. Not a year from now, but now. 



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Mr. McCarthy has done a monumental job traveling the country in support of a new Republican majority in the House. Don't forget, the GOP picked up 14 seats in 2020 and another nine last November — both tough elections for Republicans. 

He has been a Herculean fundraiser.   Right off the bat, a couple weeks ago he won of 85% of his conference.  Just today 14 senior House Republican chairs issued a letter of support, those include Jim Jordan, James Comer, Michael McCaul, Patrick McHenry. 

On top of that, 54 Republican House members have started an "Only Kevin" movement, donning pins with the "Only Kevin" abbreviation "OK." "OK" is OK!  

Jim Banks, head of the Republican Study Committee, is supporting Mr. McCarthy. Donald Trump is supporting Mr. McCarthy.  

Apparently, five GOP House members continue to oppose him.  Why? I don't know. They claim to be conservatives, but Kevin McCarthy is a conservative. He’s always been in fact. One reason he opposes this outrageous omnibus spending bill because he’s a conservative. It’s pushed by the Republican Senate leadership and he wants to get working on curbing spending. Not a year from now, but now. He understands the inflationary impact. 

He's also in favor of restoring energy independence and opening up the fossil fuel spigots — I'm hoping it's H.R. 1.  

He'll use the House power of the purse to defund 87,000 IRS agents, costing an outrageous $80 billion.  He'll work to make the Trump tax cuts permanent.  He'll work to reverse the Biden regulatory war against business.  He is already strongly supporting Republican oversight and investigation of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the FBI Twitter scandal, among others.  

He'll devote considerable resources to securing the southern border and move back toward Trump policies that worked, including finishing the wall, "Remain in Mexico," catch-and-deport and a merit-based legal immigration system.  

This is all incredibly important as the Title 42 health restriction expires in just two days.  McCarthy’s a strong supporter of parental involvement in the schools, he supports school choice, he's tough on China and he's tough on crime.  


People walk outside the U.S Capitol building in Washington, June 9, 2022. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File / AP Newsroom)

None of these policy views are new. As long as I've known him, Kevin McCarthy has supported what I continue to call a conservative "prosperity agenda" for America.  

So, it's time for Republicans to wise up.  It's time for the GOP to unanimously endorse Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker.  

Instead of masochism. Instead of blackmailing. Instead of dissenting. Instead of showboating. Instead of spending or taxing or regulating. It's time to Save America. It's time to kill the omnibus bill. It's time for prosperity. It's time for McCarthy.  

Just call it: "OK."

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow's opening commentary on the December 19, 2022, edition of "Kudlow." 

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