LeBron James Expertly Salsa Dances In Sexy New Ad — Watch His Smooth Moves

We didn’t know LeBron James could dance like this! The Los Angeles Laker showed off his moves in a new Mtn Dew commercial.

LeBron James, 36, never ceases to amaze with his talent! The NBA pro is starring in a brand new campaign for Mtn Dew’s Rise Energy Drink where he busted out some serious salsa moves. In the one minute spot, LeBron ponders what his life would be like if he never became an iconic basketball superstar. “Who would I be if I snoozed?” he asks, heading to the kitchen to grab a can of the energy drink. “Skipping practice here and there…if I lost sight of my goals,” he narrates as he kicks back and watches the Looney Tunes (also his co-stars in Space Jam 2).

A pizza delivery then arrives, a food probably not on the athlete’s usual healthy diet plan. “Order for Lee Bron?” the delivery boy asks. “That’s me,” LeBron smiles as he grabs the box, continuing to narrate over the clip. “If I let myself get distracted, I might have been LeBron James — salsa king?” he ponders, as the camera pans to a shot of the “El Grande LeBron” dance studio. Wearing a silk button down and skinny pants, along with loafers and white socks, the Ohio native led a class of aspiring dancers. He looked like he was having an absolute blast as he shimmied to the Latin music!

“Nah, I choose to rise,” he then says, back in front of his fridge. “To rise to the limit,” he adds, as he hits the gym for an intense workout that includes weights and swimming. A crowd is seen cheering him on during a Lakers game, the team he joined back in 2018. “To tell stories and empower all creators. To uplift communities so that every kid has a chance to achieve their dreams. And also keep up with my own kids,” he says, as his sons Bronny, 16, Bryce, 13, and daughter Zhuri, 6, appear alongside mom Savannah Brinson, 34, while filming a TikTok. He shared a slew if behind-the-scenes photos from the cute moment against a green screen!

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“But what else?…Mtn Dew Rise Energy. The morning makes you,” he signs off in the directed by F. Gary Gray directed commercial, set to air nationally. The ad includes several other easter eggs for die hard LeBron fans, including scenes filmed at his Promise School in Akron, Ohio, the town he was born in. The drink for “a king with a fierce inner spirit,” playing on LeBron’s Instagram handle (and nickname) King James. Unlike the usual sweet soda that consumers know, the new energy drink is loaded with 180 mg of caffeine, vitamins A and C, along with Citicoline (a supplement believed to improve brain function).

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