Lidya Jewett age: How old is the Good Girls star?

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Lidya Jewett is known for her role in Good Girls on Netflix and NBC, and she plays the daughter of Stan (played by Reno Wilson) and Ruby Hill (Retta). In the series, she suffers from kidney disease which prevents her parents from being able to work, and needing to find an alternative way to make money. Fans are keen to know how old Lidya Jewett is and has everything you need to know.

How old is the Good Girls star Lidya Jewett?

Lidya Jewett, who was born in Ethiopia, is 13 years old.

The actress is known for her roles in W.I.T.S Academy and See Dad Run.

The young actress was adopted at the age of four and moved to America with her new family.

She has two older brothers and a sister – Connor and Maclain, and Isabelle, and she showed her acting talent from a very young age.

The Black Panther and Grey’s Anatomy actress loves to read and she is talented in maths and science.

Her career started in TV commercials and she made her acting debut in See Dad Run in 2015.

The star’s breakout part as Gracie Walker in W.I.T.S Academy propelled her into the spotlight and she started to take on bigger roles in TV and film.

In 2019 her team won the Gracie Award for Ensemble Cast for their roles in Good Girls.

Speaking to Beyond TV the actress said: “It’s amazing, I know a say amazing a lot but it really is because we were all away from our families and we actually became a family together.

“Then when we moved to LA for season two we had that strong bond. Being on the show is just amazing at my age as I get to see all these strong female actresses who have been in the business for so long.

“They know the drill and they know what to do, and it’s so amazing being able to learn from them.”

In Good Girls, Sara is a 12-year-old girl who is just starting to suss out what her parents are doing to make money.

The star said: “When you are younger you see your parents as perfect but when you get older and smarter you start to pick up clues and you can see the differences.”

Speaking about being adopted, she said: “I have such a great family, I have three siblings. As Sara I have a younger brother on the show, it’s just amazing.”

When she is not acting the young star helps make relief meals for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and she reads books to young children.

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She also enjoys singing and performed live on stage for the Salvation Army.

The star is a motivational speaker for young people who are looking to enter careers in acting and science, technology, engineering and maths.

When she was five years old she was told she could be a model or work in TV commercials.

According to Fandom, her character in Good Girls is described as having a “sincere” personality and she “shows a great deal of support for women”.

The actress is on Instagram and she has been sharing plenty of photos from her travels.

She has also shared videos of herself singing and playing the piano, and fans have shown her plenty of support.

One fan said: “This made me cry, beautiful” while another fan said: “This made my day Lidya”.

She has just taken on a new role in a Netflix film called Feel the Beat, which was released in June 2020.

Viewers are looking forward to seeing more of her in Good Girls, which has just been renewed for season four.

Good Girls is on Netflix now

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