Lili Reinhart Sobs On Instagram After Her Dog Milo Gets ‘Attacked By Another Dog’ — Watch

So heartbreaking! ‘Riverdale’ star Lili Reinhart was in tears in a series of IG videos, sharing how her dog Milo was viciously attacked by another dog while she took him out for a walk.

As if isolation during the coronavirus outbreak isn’t enough, Lili Reinhart‘s beloved rescue pup Milo was badly hurt when another dog attacked him. The 23-year-old Riverdale beauty was sobbing during a series of Instagram live videos on Apr. 10 where she recounted the horrific incident. “So this is weird for me and I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing it, but I guess for all the people out there who care about my little dog Milo,” she began, with wet hair and wearing a mustard yellow sweatshirt.

“Um, I was taking him out today to get some exercise. I had a mask and gloves on so don’t start with me about that. But he was attacked by another dog…and it was um, pretty bad. So I had to rush him to the animal hospital and he’s there now getting surgery,” she continued, having to stop to choke back her tears.

“He has a pretty deep wound on his neck and god it was like a very horrifying experience and um, I’ll keep you guys updated on how he’s doing. But keep him in your thoughts. Please. Thanks guys,” she said before breaking down again. Clearly, Lili is in absolute agony that Milo is badly hurt and not at home with her as he should be. Our hearts are breaking for her.

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Quarantine family portrait 📷

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Milo is Lili’s little bestie and a star of her Instagram page. Her most recent post with him was on March 29, where she was cuddling Milo in her arms in her backyard, with his safety fence behind her. She captioned it, “Quarantine family portrait.” The day before that she showed a photo of Milo walking across her back patio as she had her legs up and a notebook in front of her. She wrote, “I’m only wearing jeans because I took Milo on a walk. Now, it’s poetry hour.” Pets are our fur babies and we wish Milo a speedy recovery. We know how much Lili loves the sweet little guy. In another IG pic on Feb. 23 she was holding him and looking down at him while beaming with joy. She captioned it, “My real life very own tiny son.”

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