Lily Allen 'worried' over Wiley's anti-Semitic tweets as police investigate rant

Lily Allen revealed she’s ‘really worried’ after seeing Wiley’s tweets targeting the Jewish community.

The Wearing My Rolex rapper caused outrage on Twitter over a shocking rant, in which he compared the Jewish community to the Ku Klux Klan.

He has since been temporarily banned from the social media site, with the Metropolitan police confirming they are investigating his posts.

Discussing the 41-year-old’s slew of messages, Lily admitted it was ‘really sad’ to see.

In videos shared on her Instagram story, the Smile singer sighed: ‘So I just had a look at Wiley’s tweets. Oh dear.

‘Oh I’m really worried about everyone just going for each other on the Internet.

‘And it all being egged on by big data and big tech.

‘It’s just really sad watching communities who should be like, coming together and helping each other out, turn against each other.’

‘I just feel like it’s going to get worse,’ Lily added. ‘I hope it doesn’t.’

Wiley – real name  Richard Cowie Jr – shocked fans with a lengthy Twitter rant which began on Friday, comparing the Jewish community to the Ku Klux Klan.

He also shared anti-Semitic beliefs and conspiracy theories, tweeting: ‘Israel is not yours’.

‘I would challenge the whole world of jewish community on my own I am not scared I can handle them,’ the grime star penned. 

‘Jewish would do anything to ruin a black mans life but it won’t work with me I am a savage [sic].’ 

Some of the tweets in question were deleted after Twitter users reported them, but most of his tirade remains visible on his account.

The Metropolitan Police have now announced that they are looking into his messages. 

A statement shared with the Independent, by a spokesperson, read: ‘We are aware of reports of alleged anti-Semitic comments posted on social media and are looking into the matter.’

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