Lily James Thought Dominic West's Marriage Was Over! Ouch!

So much for Lily James‘ ill-fated “pursuit of love” in this case!

The 31-year-old actress has reportedly felt “horrified” nearly two weeks after her romantic tryst with The Pursuit of Love co-star Dominic West. And while there’s plenty of blame to go around in this salacious situation, the Rebecca actress is really just hoping the controversy will die down quickly.

Now, we’re learning more about James’ mindset and knowledge leading into the moment she shared a steamy kiss with West while in Rome earlier this month. As it turns out, Lily was mistaken about one very important thing ahead of getting caught canoodling with her fellow film star: she didn’t realize the 51-year-old actor was still with Catherine FitzGerald, his wife of 10 YEARS! Awkward…

An insider spoke to E! News about James’ controversial connection to the star of The Affair, reporting (below):

“She’s mortified and embarrassed by the entire thing. She was shocked when she saw the photos and his story that he is happily married. She wants it all to go away and is just laying low hoping it will pass quickly.”

Not great, Dominic!

Of course, the shock must’ve really hit hard after West and FitzGerald held that bizarre press conference outside their home in Cotswold, England days after the first photos came out. It was a surreal moment, as the actor kissed his wife in front of reporters and left the world a note indicating their marriage was secure. And as it turns out, that was all news to the young actress. Imagine the surprise…

As we’ve been reporting, the aftershocks from that controversy are still playing out in a very public way. Lily has abruptly canceled TV appearances in an attempt to let things blow over as best she can. Meanwhile, FitzGerald has escaped to Ireland to deal with the problem, reportedly “fuming” in private over the shocking existence of the scandalous snaps. Understandable!!!

Very much thrown into this are West and FitzGerald’s three children — 14-year-old Dora, 12-year-old Senan, and 11-year-old Francis — as the photographic proof of the actor’s transgression continues to permeate through pop culture. It sure makes West’s previous comments on infidelity all the more interesting, to say the least.

Where do U stand on this now, Perezcious readers?! Is it a convenient excuse for James to claim she didn’t realize West was married before the kiss? Or is it on West to make it clear he’s married and not take things further in the first place??

Sound OFF about everything here with your opinions, down in the comments (below)!

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