Long Passport Line in NYC Following 'S**tshow' Debate

Americans are preparing in droves to get outta Dodge after the disaster that was the first presidential debate … or so it seems based on the line to get a passport.

Following what CNN’s Jake Tapper referred to as a “hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck” and Dana Bash more crudely called a “s**tshow” … people were flocking to the passport office in Times Square Wednesday morning.

The turnout played like a response to the head-to-head war of words between President Trump and Joe Biden … because resorting to fleeing the country is one of those things ya hear people — on both sides — say all the time when they’re pissed about politics.

After last night, virtually everyone’s unhappy. As we reported … some lowlights of the chaotic debate included Biden referring to the President as a “clown,” and Trump refusing to denounce white supremacy.

There were plenty of other disturbing comments and verbal attacks, and it’s all resonating with the public.

As Tapper put it — it doesn’t matter if Trump or Biden won the debate … the American people lost.

Sooo … bon voyage?

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