'Love Is Blind': Who Is Jessica Batten's New Boyfriend?

Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix in February 2020 and took viewers on a journey through a whirlwind love experiment. While some participants on the show found their happily ever after, others left as singletons who would have to find romance again in the real world.

One of the most well-known participants on the first season of Love Is Blind is Jessica Batten. She was among the participants to say “I don’t” at the altar, though it seems like Batten might not regret that decision after all. She currently has a new boyfriend, and many fans are no doubt curious about who this beau is. Read on below to learn more.

Jessica Batten was engaged toMark Cuevas on ‘Love Is Blind’

Batten’s relationship with Mark Cuevas was one of themost-followed stories by fans on Love IsBlind. The couple had a lot in common from their conversations in the “pods,”but they had a 10-year age difference, which seemed to bother Batten immensely.

Batten’s love story was also occasionally disrupted by her lingering feelings for Matthew Barnett, whom she almost got engaged to.

Ultimately, Batten and Cuevas parted ways during theirwedding. Cuevas said “I do” to Batten, but Batten decided to not go throughwith the marriage.

However, both Batten and Cuevas have movedon, and there does not seem to be any bad blood between them.

Batten’s new boyfriend is adoctor

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Batten looks to be focusing on a new boyfriend in her life.On July 4, 2020, Batten revealed to followers her new man: Benjamin McGrath, afoot and ankle surgeon based in California.

Batten also responded to a few fan comments on her Instagramand revealed that McGrath was 34 years old when Love Is Blind was filmed (the same age as Batten at the time). Thetwo of them have also been together for four months.

Based on McGrath’s Instagram profile, it also looks like hehas two children.

Cuevas has a new girlfriend aswell

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Batten is not the only person enjoying romance these days.Shortly after she announced her new relationship, Cuevas also posted a pictureof him with a blonde beauty who looks to be a special someone in his life. UnlikeBatten, however, Cuevas did not reveal his lady friend’s identity.

A source told People of Cuevas’ new love, “They’ve been seeing each other for a bit. He’s very happy with her.”

Cuevas’ announcement came two weeks after he made headlines for allegedly cheating on Lauren “LC” Chamblin. Cuevas and Chamblin met on Love Is Blind, but Chamblin did not get engaged to anyone on the show. According to Chamblin’s post on Reddit, the two of them started dating in “the beginning of May,” but they ended things after it was revealed Cuevas had been seeing another woman as well.

On Cuevas’ side, he and sources close to him denied that heand Chamblin had an “exclusive” relationship.

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