Love Islands Indiyah slams condom brand for sexualising Notting Hill Carnival

Indiyah Polack has hit out at a condom brand for advertising during Notting Hill Carnival – claiming it ‘sexualised’ the event.

The 24 year old former Love Island star took to social media to criticise Trojan condoms – which had a float and used a condom packet-shaped promotional mascot during the three day spectacle. She said the carnival was not a ‘sex fest’ and she found it ‘distasteful’.

Writing on Snapchat, she said: “Why the hell are Trojan condoms doing ads for carnival. Major side eye. Like what on God's green earth do condoms have to do with carnival please.”

She added: “Carnival is not a sex fest and shouldn't be promoted in that way either. As a carribean I find it very distasteful – PR team really should've thought that one through… It's a calculated advertisement.”

However, Indiyah’s comments left fans divided. Some backed her criticisms while others said that promoting safe sex was “never wrong”.

And Kasara Singh, presenter of The Soca Show With Kass, hit back by saying Trojan was a sponsor of her float – while pointing to Indiyah’s steamy on-screen activity with her Love Island co-star boyfriend Dami Hope last year.

Kass wrote: “Ok firstly honey, you spelt Caribbean wrong. Secondly they were OUR great sponsor. Thirdly, if you didn't get with your man on TV would people even be concerned with your opinion? Lastly you should've been with us.”

Indiyah replied: “LOOOOOOOOL I'm so sorry is the best drag she could do. Of course people know me from Love Island. It's the biggest reality show in the UK bean brain. I agreed to go on the show am I supposed to be offended?

“All now nothing can explained why she thought it was a good idea? Ain't nobody ask about me or my career moves babe.”

A supporter of Indiyah said: “She is right it’s weird as hell, i have never seen an ad for any other festival but Notting Hill Carnival they want to make one ?… Disrespecting our culture.”

But another fan wrote: ‘It’s never wrong to promote safe sex better then unwanted pregnancy and std.”

OK! has reached out to Trojan for comment.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Indiyah graced the spotlight as she unveiled her latest collection with fashion powerhouse Pretty Little Thing. The glamorous launch party, held in London, was a star-studded affair that drew the attention of both fans and fellow reality TV stars.

Indiyah, known for her impeccable style, commanded attention as she made her entrance at the event dressed in her own designs from the collection. Among the attendees were familiar faces from the ITV2 dating show like Jessie Wynter, pregnant Chyna Ellis and Ella Barnes. Indiyah was also supported by her boyfriend Dami Hope, who she has been dating since they met in the villa last summer.

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